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youtube_avatarI was born in 1981 with a rare disorder known as Methyl-Malonical-Acida-Emia (which is hardly even googlable) and at the time I was one of only 6 people born with this disorder in Sweden. As luck would have it my doctor had heard report about a similar case and decide to put me on B-vitamin injections as I suddenly started developing breathing difficulties. His swift action literally saved me from death when I was just an infant. Nowadays the disease has very little effect on my every day life but I still take vitamin pills and a few other mediciations to keep my body from developing problems in the long run. So I grew up, spent a lot of time making drawings in school and started collecting DVDs around 2003. I got into packaging design as a result and started buying very odd and collectable DVD editions. Then came the reviews on youtube and yada yada yada.

Around 2010 I first saw Tobe Hooper’s The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and after that I was a lost cause. I started buying every copy of the movie I could get my hands on. To this days I got a little over 190 different version of it, ranging from 8mm film to Blu-ray. Lastly I can mention that I have a girlfriend and we’ve been together since 1999. We live in the woods with 3 dogs and I’m making a living working in freight forwarding.

Oskar Falk
Tel: +46 0760 155 933

My regular profile.

The official profile for my alterego ”Discjunkie”, where I talk about matters surrounding my youtube channel as well as making movie reviews etc.

A Facebook page (in Swedish) where I talk about everything surrounding Tobe Hooper’s movie The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

https://instagram.com/oskarfalk/ (private)
Just me in my everyday life, collecting VHS tapes, making mods to my care, taking pictures of stupid stuff, not trying to make my life out to be picture perfect.

https://instagram.com/TCMDb/ (public)
This account excists purely for the sole purpose of showing some of the various editions I own of Tobe Hooper’s horror classic The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (I’m up to like 196 copies now).