Project Links

Here’s some of the projects I’ve been involved in over the years. It’s not much but it’s something. I also do freelance work on occasion – like web design, panoramic photography, illustration etc.

Panoramic Photography
A couple of years ago I got into panoramic photography and started making spherical panoramas for display on the web. For the most part I documented abandoned places as I was also something of an urban explorer at the time.
This website is a rather hefty project that began as a result of my neverending movie collecting. I felt that I want to show my collection in a database that was both practical and visually appealing. Over the years I’ve sort of lost time to update it but the archive still remains for those who have a similar interest in DVDs and unusual collectors edition.

This is my youtube channel which for the most part focuses on my ever lasting love for movies and move collecting. I do video reviews of the items I have in my collection but I also branch out into other things. I wouldn’t exactly call it a vlog but… well, who knows what to call things these days. This channel is all in English. (2001-2010)
My old website from back when I was using it more like a blog.
One of the websites I help designed.