Kung Fury | Custom VHS Artwork

kungfury_warnerBack in december of 2013 a Swede named David Sandberg was trying get funding for his dream project – an over the top action film celebrating everything that was awesome about movies in the 80s. In order to do this he decided to create a trailer for his future film based on the digital shots already completed, and attach it to a crowd fund based Kickstarter campaign in hopes that the internet would recognize it’s potential.

And the internet sure did. Since the launch, the trailer has been played over 13 million (!) times and the campaign quickly reached way above it’s initial goal. When I first saw the trailer my initial thought was that this film would be perfect for establishing the retro-VHS trend in Sweden – new movies coming out on VHS is actually a thing in case you havn’t realized it but it hasn’t really been done in Sweden yet. So, how does one inspire a soon-to-be worldwide famed director to put his upcoming 80s style action film on VHS? (which he probably would have done anyway)…

Well, for me it was quite obvious. First I decided on a look. As the film was set in 1985 Miami I figured that one of the more common VHS designs used by Warner Brothers in that time would make a perfect look. Being a movie collector I just had to dig around my collection for one of those classic covers, scan it into my computer and get to work. The films full plot wasn’t really revealed at this point but I figured I’d just have to make do with what I had so I started piecing together everything as best I could from the imagery found in the trailer. Once my fake cover was finished I printed it out on thick glossy paper and cut it out to fit into one of my old VHS clamshell cases. I then swapped the tape labels for replicated Warner style labels I had made myself, put my creation into a package and went off the the post office. For a closer look at my own personal custom copy (I made three copies in total – one for David, one for my friend and one for me) you can check out this video.

Luckily for me, director David Sandberg saw the fake VHS as a stroke of genius and upon receiving it in the mail he instantly reached out to me and asked me and offered me the job to work on the actual VHS design – once the movie was completed of course. Need less to say I accepted. What happened next? Well, click here to find out.