Kung Fury | VHS Cover for Nightforce Video

clam_layout_city_finalThis is one of two cover design available (it’s printed as a double sided insert) on Nightforce Videos official VHS release of David Sandberg’s super hyped film Kung Fury. I was brought in as an outside mind to collaborate with Nightforce Video on the graphics after I created a fake VHS release for directors own enjoyment (read more on that here).

After swapping ideas back and forth we basically ended agreeing on several designs all at once and devided the work between us. I created a special look for an exterior cardboard box to be included exclusively for people who pre-ordered the VHS release through the films Kickstarter campaign as well as the reverse side artwork used for the clamshell insert (the people at Nightforce Video did the front side artwork). You see, the way they did it is that two full covers designs were created (including front and back) and then they print them on a double side paper – so then fans can choose which artwork they like the best by just flipping the paper, pretty sweet ey?

But I’m rambling. So yes, this is the design I came up with. I decided to make a composite landscape shot from various scenes seen in the film (three to be exact) so the front shot of Kung Fury doing his jump kick and the back of him speeding down the street in his car never really appear together as they do on this cover (then again that’s pretty self-explanatory if you’ve seen the film). This is the first time I’ve worked on anything of this magnitude but I really like the way it came out and I hope that fans will enjoy it as well.

The official VHS release from Nightforce Video, which include the VHS tape, the double sided cover and clamshell case also comes with an exclusive limited edition mini poster of my own design and you can order it while stock lasts through the Nightforce Video website on Storenvy. The standard clamshell is limited to 175 copies only and 75 of these are on sale through Nigthforce Video. As for the exclusively limited ”Backers Edition” cardboard slipcase box, which I also designed, this is not available for sale anywhere as it was printed based on how many ordered it (26 people to be exact) but if you want to get a closer look at what it looks like I will be posting shots of this pretty soon. And to clarify, the only real difference between the standard VHS release and the ”Backers Edition” is that the latter comes with the exterior slipcase box (signed by the director) which simply goes over the VHS clamshell case. So the backers get exactly the same stuff everyone else does but they also get an extra box to go with it.

For a detailed look at the VHS releases I worked on for Kung Fury, check out my own video review / making of right here.