Kung Fury | Limited Edition VHS Box Set

backersboxThis was a collaboration project between me and Nightforce Video in order to give the backers of the Kung Fury Kickstarter campaign something truly unique and special for their support of the project (don’t know what the hell Kung Fury is? Click here for a bit of a backstory and learn about how I got involved). I did the artwork for the exterior box (minus the official Kung Fury and Nightforce Video logotypes) as well as writing the … [Read More]

Kung Fury | Alternate Poster Artwork

kungfuryposter_portfolioThis is an original illustration I did for David Sandbergs film Kung Fury. It all started as a an idea on my computer and I mainly put it together because I wanted to show him part of my vision for what an alternate poster could look like (the film already had it’s official artwork at this point). After becoming involved with the graphics for the official retro-style VHS release of the film, this artwork ending up becoming part of … [Read More]

Absolute Sci-Fi

scifi_purple3This was originally constructed to be a logo for a youtube channel but for various reasons the project never really happened. The original design was based around an ink drawing and later re-worked in photoshop.

V/H/S | Alternate Poster Art

VHS_coverHere’s an alternate poster design I did for the movie V/H/S as part of a contest. It was never printed anywhere but it’s still one of those ideas that I’m quite fond of.

Kung Fury | VHS Cover for Nightforce Video

clam_layout_city_finalThis is one of two cover design available (it’s printed as a double sided insert) on Nightforce Videos official VHS release of David Sandberg’s super hyped film Kung Fury. I was brought in as an outside mind to collaborate with Nightforce Video on the graphics after I created a fake VHS release for directors own enjoyment (read more on that here).

After swapping ideas back and forth we basically ended agreeing on several designs all at once and devided the … [Read More]